How often do you use the A380?

How often do you find yourself flying the a380? I rarely fly it as it’s harder to control and not very nice to fly. It definitely needs a rework soon. Thoughts?


I almost never use the A380 because of how unstable it is


Love using it😂🤷🏻‍♂️ Haven’t gotten to flying it recently but used to fly it a lot, yes it’s extremely old and outdated, by many years, but it’s a big plane, and when you can butter;) the old aircraft it brings a sense of accomplishment like wow i just landed this thing😂


This makes me realize I should fly it tomorrow lol


Lol. On the weekend might try OMAA to YSSY in etihad if on schedule

I used to find it a problem to fly but you gotta remember what a huge aircraft it is and treat it accordingly. You can’t expect the same results as you’d get from a smaller 320 or similar. Try running a 747 for a while. Makes the transition to a 380 smoother IMO.

Quite often. I fly it mainly since it’s the only aircraft I can land inverted with any weight and not crash.


In almost one year I have only used it once :)

Yeah I agree. It does take a long time to get used to flying heavies. They’re generally a little harder to control

I’ve never been able to butter with the a380😪

I never fly it due to the bad graphics. When it gets reworked i will love to fly it


I actually find them easy to butter than the smaller aircraft. Less twitchy. 😆

I guess you could say the smaller planes are a little more responsive :) I personally find the a350 to be perfect for me in that respect


One word.

Sometimes, depends if the route in real life and the airline operates the A380

I mostly fly the A380 3 times a week

When it is the aircraft flown on that specific route.

I use it whenever I find a suitable route into the scheduled airports. Usually it happens to be Emirates, sadly I’ve not flown the A380 as much recently.

Half of my A380 flights has to be restarted because it goes into the ground at times 😂

It’s pretty cool that it’s got a long range, and I have been able to do some ULH flights using it. Not often though, I prefer the 777, 787 or A350 for LH flights though.