How Often Do You Use Solo Mode In Infinite Flight? (Poll)

That is amazing, you’ve never done it once?!

Only before I had Live (which was a very short period of time)

I play solo. #IDontHaveLive

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Once you fly online, its hard to think of flying alone. Its awesome getting shadowed. I wish I knew who flies that F22 near KSAN.

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Less than 25% but more than 0%. So I’d say about 7%


The only time I use solo is when I want to fly with a 0.10km visibility as I never see that on multiplayer.

Since live is out, only live, bot solo anymore.

Lately more often than usual for doing crazy maneuvers that otherwise would get me ghosted so I can test my app’s emergency callouts. “PULL UP, PULL UP!” 😅

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25% of the time. I don’t have a Live subscription very often, but when I do have it I never use solo. When I don’t have a subscription I occasionally use solo.

I go 50% if my live wasn’t out. I would use solo for videos and stuff but once I get live back I would use solo 25% of the time.

To deliberately crash planes.

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Maybeee. Who knows.

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Same here too

waste of time.

I don’t fly solo on IF.

Wow! Over 100 votes, thanks guys:-)

I don’t like to fly solo except doing aerobatics on it. I fly live most of the time:)

I always fly solo. It is just easier than dealing with ATC and crowded airspace. Most of my flying is away from Wi-Fi so downloading region worked better for me. I only hope that we do not loose what regions we already pay for if we are unable to fly global when it is released. But that’s s not looking good from what I have been reading.

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Practically never.

I paid for live+, I’m going to use it.

Only use Solo if say I hadn’t flown in a couple of weeks or so and therefore would use it to remind myself of the correct thrust for each aircraft.

I like solo mode for practice

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