How often do you guys play infinite flight?

I actually haven’t played Infinite Flight since May, I have been dealing with some very personal legal issues.

That’s not good. Good luck. With that

Looking like the majority is once every couple
If days so good to hear you guys are playing the game regularly

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I play once every hour or even once immediately after each flight, it’s so fun!

I do a flight a couple days a week. Mostly short haul because I don’t have that much time but when ever there is some sort of holiday I would probably do 2 flights a day
1 day time flight
1 over night long haul flight

Yeah I do mostly short haul I try do one haul a week

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Yes. I do short hauls every minute in the day and Long Hauls maybe once a week.

😂😂😂 nice I’m guessing your grade 4-5

Well….I’m Grade 3 now but I’m JUST about to get Grade 4.

Nice same here for me

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That’s Nice! 🙂

I used to fly every day

Then I had to take breaks because my sleep schedule got messed up since sometimes my flights would arrive after midnight

I do plan to start flying again from tomorrow onwards

Yeah nice job I get busy sometimes too

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I would fly every day if I could but temporarily, I can’t. So it’s every few days but eventually it’ll be back to every day whenever I can (not ruining my sleep schedule though; if I want to run one all night, it’ll be a long one that lands when I wake up with enough sleep)

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Yeah that’s makes sense

Wouldn’t be surprised. 10k landings lookin person smhh

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There definitely the option for 14/7/365 is missing

11,078 to be exact haha 😂


I try and fly as much as i can every day but personal life always come first!
I do have breaks in intervals but the moment im back, ive missed it & go crazy😄


I play IF every dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy