How often do you guys play infinite flight?

I wanted to see how often you guys play infinite flight so just fill out the pole below!!

  • Once Every hour
  • Once Every day
  • A couple times Every week
  • Once a week
  • Only sometimes every month
  • Not very often

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24/7 , 365 days 🙏🏾😂


Hahahahahhah I can relate


I don’t play anymore, but before that, I’d get my subscription, play for 1/2 weeks and then stop.

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Hahahahah good for you

Im usually flying about 10-15 hrs each day, probably the reason ive killed my phone lol


I don’t fly for too long, but I do spend a lot of time on the IFC. haha

Hahaha same here keep having to clear storage

Nice it’s people like you who keep the IFC great

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I try to fly at least once a day, and I am active on IFC during my flights.
However, having an ipad helps a lot.

During lockdown last year when I was on a leave from my actual airline flying job, I played everyday! Now I’m back to flying, sadly only a few times a week! :(


Everyday. Sometimes multiple short hauls or 1 long haul. Or just sit and spot somewhere :)

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Haha sound like me I’ve only managed to kill one iPad since playing infinite flight for a year so far. Hoping to finish another one off before the warranty expires 😉😜😅


If it’s not college related, real life driving or flying related, or virtual trucking or trains, then it’s Infinite Flight.

I always fly at least once a day. Used to to short hauls all throughout the day however life has started to get me busy as I do various things around the clock.

I do enjoy this community and sim too much…

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Wow, what airline you were working for?

I make sure to open an ATC frequency at least once a day and go to at least one training a day!

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JetBlue! Still there! 10 years in a few months!


Personally, every day I do a 7 or 10 hour flight, then I get fatigued at the end and return the next day

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Every dayyy, grinding for those hours and landings. :D

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Nice dude how did you find Infinite flight compared with the real life thing?