How often do you go around?

According to Wikipedia, commercial pilots go around once per 1000 approaches. So, how often you go around? I go around maybe once or twice per 100 approaches.

  • 1%-3% of approaches
  • 4%-7% of approaches
  • 8%-11% of approaches
  • 12%-14% of approaches
  • More than 15% of approaches
  • I never go around

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Of course you can’t be 100% sure, but give at least a rough estimate.

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Oli H - I usually instruct go arounds more than get them. But both chances are still slim :)


If I fly on PG I propably go around more than 100% of approaches.😉


Yes hard to say exactly how often do a go around. Normally it will be on the ATC PG server, particular if another aircraft has just gone on the runway as I start my finals! Occasionally need to do them on advanced, but less so. Sometimes ( again more on PG) I have to do a 360 for spacing, again my descion rather than due to an ATC approach instruction.

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I love going around. It’s awesome when I get sent around! I love watching videos from the ground of an aircraft going around also!

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Just 2 days ago, I had 2 go aroundo. One because of weather and the other because an aircraft was still on the runway. It’s pretty fun, I was in an F-16 and I pulled hard right and gunned it…up to 240 knots ;) The engine roars and I know everyone bellow is watching.

Lets say 90%. But I after 3-5 go arounds I just land and ignore the PG pilots.

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More than 15% and out of it. 95% was ATC’s fault (could be tower or approach) 4.9% was other aircrafts fault (entering to the runway when I’m landing) 0.1% Because of weather conditions or I was testing with “test” call sign for new aircraft I’m not familiar to control with.

Btw, I had to go around twice at KNUC because of Approach and other pilots. Not because of tower!

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I usually go around if I am really unhappy with an approach, which is pretty rare.

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Going around for my feeling is indeed one which makes me think of total realism. Go arounds are fun also

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It depends on the server, if you know what I mean ;)


There are people out there who are on short final and they can clearly see an aircraft on the runway yet they still land,or there are people out there instructed to go around but still land. Then there are people who go-around but stall out and crash.

1/5! Sometimes I stuff my landing up or are to fast, or it is to busy.

Playground server it’s about 50% of the time. Advanced server is well under 10%.

Ummmmmm, are you talking about PG? I go around for hours on end!

Especially today and yesterday. Barely any visibility at KLAX

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