How Often Do You Fly?

how often do you get on IF and fly? How long do you fly for? And finally what planes do you normally fly with?


not often at all. Maybe once or twice a month if I manage. Yesterday I said, what the heck, and flew with my friend @John_Preston21 on his dash-8 Event. One of the best I ever participated on ^^

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2 flights a day on average; each flight lasts about 12 minutes; 737, A320, 777.

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Almost everyday for about 1 hour. I have live+ so i fly every plane every livery.

since i started college I do 1 short flight a week

I try to fly everyday, for around 40 minutes or so. The aircraft is forever changing.


Because of school, I only get to do 3-5 flights on the weekend

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Usually most days, depending what sort of flight. A-Bs are usually > 30mins

Usually 2 or 3 20 min flights. Sometimes B77W, E190 or Q400

Same here! :)


I try and fly at least 3 times a week, and make flight plans that circle a region. Usually lasts for about an hour and a half.

If you play on the weekdays and go to school as well I have one simple question for you…How the hell do you have the time??

I do it in my free time

Fair enough, I get so much homework I don’t have time :(

A lot, maybe an hour?

You better do airports please:)

Wow! nice dush!

You muse be in your first or second year of high school, I’m a senior and get no work