How Often do you Fly on IF? (Poll)

Letโ€™s get some data on how often the community flies!!

  • Less than once per month
  • Once per month
  • Twice per month
  • Once per week
  • Three times per week
  • Once a day

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I do more controlling than flying, but I fly more than 3 times a week but not always every day

Sometimes I fly only a couple of times in a week, and sometimes I fly multiple times a day. But it all averages out to about once per day.

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I have a pro subscription, but I live a busy lifestyle and can only fly once every month or so.

Wow wish i was that busy

One of the options on your poll says less than once per month, so it is 0?

I try to fly once daily, however 3-4 times a week also happens

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I usually have a flight going 24/7.

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I have 2 days off a week. Those days I make a concerted effort to do multiple legs or pattern work in a GA.

I must say using a joystick at home has spoiled me a tad. I fly on meal breaks at work but often donโ€™t have time to make a leg (i.e. KRSW to KCLT) and Iโ€™m sloppy at pattern work without my setup now! sigh

Using AP and APPR feel like cheating, what can I say?

6 times a year? 8 times? There are many possibilities

Oh, got confused there a bit ๐Ÿ˜‚

Usually I only fly on weekends since school gets in the way of my time. But since summer break starts for me soon, Iโ€™ll have a ton more time to fly.

You are asking the wrong question .

Me? What do you suppose I ask

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I fly everyday! Any time I get the chance I just hop on and fly. I plan on getting a new device so I can go to school and have my new device running a flight while Iโ€™m at school. Iโ€™m writing this as Iโ€™m flying to NYC in Infinite Flight right now fro my San Francisco. Infinite Flight is another big part of my everyday life.

You should asking how many hours flying every day?

None. I do 5 flights a day. I just chose once a day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I have been so busy with school so it is usually 1 long haul and 1 short haul a week, but in two weeks, maybe 1 depending on exams, you will see me twice a day!

I try to do atleast 3 a week so I donโ€™t loose any of my experience.

You should make different polls with with/without live