How often do you fly at night time?

Title says it all. I’m just curious as to whether night time is commonly used or not. I switched to it by accident and realised how little I use it!

I’ve just realised it would almost always be day time or evening on live.

I never use it…It’s ok when you are in the air, but it’s a pain while taxiing.


I attempt it but I have never gone a whole flight with it on its so hard to fly with 😡


Only if I’m indoors and I don’t have any glare on the screen, otherwise I can’t see a thing.

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I try to use it sometimes. I like having some night flying hours on my logbook. I have to say that sunset is my preferred time as I think the cockpit view looks the best at this time.


I NEVER fly at night. I mean, I’m not sure if the lights are either unrealistic or if pilots have to deal with those weak lights, but I can’t have it. I always just fly on NOON. I might fly at a different time for maybe a couple seconds. In the extremely very absolute super duper rare time I do change it.


Yeah I rarely change it from noon due to the unrealism in lights which makes it too hard for me.

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MaxSez: Oh My, never mastered night flying in IF? To hard, landing lights are not bright etc. Shame on you. You’ll never be able to claim the title “Aviator”.
Master it all I say or take your toys and go home…LOL

(Night Flying on IF is the best instrument training you’ll find on any simulator)


which is why we are adding taxi lights :)


I’ll fly into EGLL at night as I know it so well I can get about. But mostly I’ll take off at sunset fly in the dark then land again at sun rise plus I much prefer the look of sunset / sunrise. That said though with new or better ground lighting I would 100% fly more in the hours of darkness.


I would fly at night every now and then.

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  • always
  • A lot
  • sometimes
  • rarely

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I Rarely fly in Night time. Once IF adds more lights then I’ll start to use it even more !

I just don’t think it’s good because once I am airborn, I like to look around and see the nice views etc but in Night view, all I see is pitch black.


Same here, in winter time 60% of my flights were in the dark.


Would love to see some ground lights ie of towns and citys added for night time, then I think more people would fly at night, I know I would!

I try and fly at the real ‘light settings’ as the flight that I am simulating, so that is often take off at Sunset, fly at night and landing at sunrise…


Never because when you are on the taxiway, you dont see where you go and the instruments are not lighted.

I often fly during the night mode to save battery…


I fly it sometimes but most of the time I will fly in the planes that have lighted cockpits.