How often do we get a vote for a new thing like a aircraft or livery

Hi just wondering how often do we get to vote for new things

Not often, the last aircraft rework poll was I believe November 14th of this year (A330 won) and the one before that was in May 2019 (777 won). As far as I’m aware we’ve never had a poll on livery additions, those are for the developers to decide.


And then there was one in 2018 for the CRJ, and I think 2016 or 2015 for the Md11/DC-10. In 2017 Global was top priority so there was no vote

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You can vote for specific aircraft and liveries at any time using the #features category.

Sometimes there are forum wide votes on the next aircraft to be reworked, but these aren’t very often- especially given that we recently voted for the A330 rework, and so probably won’t be having another vote-off for quite a while :)

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