How often do pilots in IF maintain perfect centerline?

How often are you guys in expert server able to keep perfect centerline during take off and landings? How often to Real life pilots maintain perfect centerline.

When I say perfect centerline I mean that your front nose gear never deviates off the centerline through out the landings or Departures?

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For departures, I can always keep just to the side of it fairly well. (IRL, you’ll run over the centerline lights and make a horrible noise in the cockpit if you put the wheels directly on it).

On arrivals, it depends on many factors such as the ILS alignment, winds, visibility, whether I’m using APPR or not.

The centerline isn’t an absolute, you don’t have to be as close as possible to it. It’s a strong reference for not ditching it in the grass, especially on larger aircraft.

For real pilots? They have many hundred of hours spent practicing, even more so if they are type rated for that aircraft. And with more sophisticated autopilot/autoland features on modern aircraft, it’s quite rare (barring and emergency) to see an aircraft at least not come close to centerline.

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Me: Centerline? What’s that!?

An entirely new concept to me 🧐 never heard of this “centerline” they speak of.


To land i use the APPR (not always) the Ils (not always) and the Rudder (always)

To takeoff i try to aline the runway center line with the vertical display center line.

I use heading on A/P once I line up on the centerline, fly straight out to the altitude or turn if I have to then turn on LNAV

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