How obsessed are you with IF?

@Kevin this is why I rarely post here. It’s ridiculous


I’m in the same boat :)

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You’ve read more in the last year on the forums than I have in the last 5 years in person…

But to be honest… I’m addicted to Infinite Flight because of my VA… whether it’s talking about stupid stuff with pilots (not inappropriate mind you), planning group flights, badgering @Matt with Formula One videos (probably a mistake to tell me you are an F1 fan haha), or helping new members into the VA, it’s really shaped my experience on Infinite Flight. I rarely do any flights if it’s not a British Airways Flight aside from FNF, and I don’t think I would be unhealthily addicted to it today if it weren’t for everyone at British Airways VA :)

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On a scale of 1 - “obsessed” I would say daily. I make this a daily part of my routine :) (of flying of course !)

very very obsessed. I love IT so much

Does anyone else give Captain announcements out loud while playing Infinite Flight? Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking… I might be looney.


My 7 year old daughter now knows most ATC commands. My wife don’t understand the Jets coming from the bathroom.😁

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I fly in IF when I have free time and try and give it priority, not on the “obsessed” level, but more of the interests/hobby level.

Well, I am Grade 5 so… Infinite Flight isn’t just one of those things where you are addicted for a little while and then quit, with IF I’ve been addicted for almost a year.

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  • 70 days of flying time (actually more, lost due to app crashes)
  • I’ve done an average of 6 landings per day
  • I’ve done an average of 3.22142857 flights per day
  • Spent about 700-1000 hours (non-flying time) on Airport Editing, Controlling, Testing, etc.
  • I talk to more Infinite Flight Community Members in a day than real life humans
  • I pester/annoy @MishaCamp and @Cameron more than my real life humans
  • I know more people on the other side of the world than I know people in 1km radius
  • Stay home 24/7 doing IF Stuff

Is that enough? ;)


Well. I spend a lot on time on it, doing various stuff. I do have a life and friends outside of it, so I can live without it. My life would be less fun, though.

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I just had my subscription renewed yesterday. I haven’t flown since. I’m not super obsessed with IF. I just use it when I just feel like do a flight.

I’m obsessed to the point where I’d I don’t do at least a flight per day, someone asks me if I’m feeling okay.


I only have 85 hours flying time in live and still consider myself obsessed, probably nowhere near as much as most people here ☺️

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Obsessed enough to by a $600 tablet just to get a better IF experience.

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Quite obsessed indeed

Guys im 31 i have a baby and a wife and expat living outside my country

In our annual meeting last week i was underachieving i was thinking what must be the main reason and i found out that IF is taking more than 5 hours of my waking hours at least. And while sleeping i do a long haul

I mean you can be a teenager and i can understand your obsession but in my case its tragedy and i will always be obsessed with IF and any flight simulator.


I took a 3 month break during summer (vacations)
I dropped from Grade 5 to grade 3.Renewed my subscription the day before Global came out and now I’m 1 landing away from being grade 5 again.