How obsessed are you with IF?

For me this isn’t just an app, it’s an in-depth simulation experience and I probably spend way too long on it but I guess I’m just an aviation fanatic at heart though so it’s natural.

Everyday I am just astounded by what has been achieved the the IF flight development team and am eternally grateful that they’ve brought this masterpiece to our fingertips at such a reasonable cost.

Long live IF!


Very I’m mad if I don’t do at least 1 flight a day 😂😂😂


It’s pretty much the closest I can get to actually flying at the moment, so

Definitely Infiniteflightaholic.


I think that my stats I have racked up here speak for themselves, 11.7k topics viewed and 167.4k posts read, 287 days visited and my account is just over a year old…

And in one year (exactly) on Infinite Flight PRO/Live I am grade 4 and just missing some landings for grade 5.


I am obsessed with infinite flight? a bit lol.

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I’m so obsessed, my school principal made a new rule in my honor.

“No playing flying games during class.”


I am very addicted with game. It’ s one of the best. And even getting better.


Just a little obsessed.


I have 145 days of flight time does that answer your question


I’m going to be very honest. Back then, I was really obsessed with this wonderful flight simulator. Now, with all the tests and exams that I tried to kill in the last few weeks, I completely lost my obsession with IF.

I thought about canceling my Pro subscription, deleting IF, and leaving the IFC. But, I decided not to because with Global Flight released back in October, FDS needed all the support they need. Therefore, I chosed to pick up my iPad and start flying again. I really need to get back up to Grade 5 after a 4 week break.


Its the reason I don’t upload daily

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My friend literally texts #obsessed to me when I tell her I’m flying (which is like everyday). One time I missed 3 days of very well needed flying time and I started to get uncomfortable, and my friend literally got worried XD

I enjoy flying patterns and because I don’t use auto-pilot during patterns, takeoff and landing, I’m now getting physiotherapy because the flying has caused RSI in both my wrists.

Need to revert to controlling now. Or fly long hauls and use auto-land. But I find that quite boring.

For the rest, I’m relatively normal… ;-)


Listen I’m sorry to bump all but;

For the love of god can you regulars chill out with attacking people with everything they post with so called helpful information? He wanted to make a post asking the community if they loved Infinite Flight as much as he did. Is it that bad? He didn’t compliment Infinite Flight in a way that he made a topic about it, like c’mon man. Regulars are supposed to be role models. Not robots that wait for someone to make a mistake.



Obsessed? That’s putting it mildly. The virtual airline I am a part of almost controls my daily life lol.


I’ve flown almost everyday at least once.

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I think its an addiction lmao, I have logged 900 hours for my VA and only 60 of them were pre-global

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Go check my posts in the Global Flight - The Log Book topic. Flight time has doubled since the release of global, I’m now over 430 hours. Yeah.

I am very obsessed with it! The best mobile flight sim out there

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how long is that @MishaCamp? I am obsesed with if to,.