How NY, Miami and Seattle could look like at night

What software did you use to edit these? They’re insanely cool

I love the edit, first time I’ve seen someone do that, very convincing at a first glance, I thought you lined up the daytime IF shots with RL nighttime shots, that is until I saw the one from 130,000ft!
Super unique!

Well, either not. It may spark confusion to other people. Because, we all know everything at night in IF is pure blindness, and people would like to see lights. Making this photo, would make some people confused and believe there is probably this in the game.

It’s not how it’s done. It’s how people interpret it.

That is irrelevant, you getting confused isn’t the same has him breaking a rule.
Calm down and enjoy the shots.


It actually is though. It’s not of IF, and people may believe this is in the game.

People see city lights. Not the edits.

Enjoy the photos, they look realistic and they’re cool to look at, if the mods decide to close, let them

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So what…he didn’t break any rules by doing it, same could be argued for moonshots/space shot, it doesn’t depict how IF looks normally, but with the right technique you can create something visually stunning.
No sense getting riled up over things you don’t understand bud.

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I will agree.
I just sparked concern, but everybody made it into a big deal.

No, you did


I am sorry, I didn’t mean it. I was not trying to bully anyone.

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Let’s just forget this happened and enjoy the photos

Ok, I come back to this… I’m a little disappointed. I certainly wasn’t trying to take away from how great this photo was. I was trying to figure out how we were judging this new rule. I wasn’t even sure if this was against it, which is why I phrased it as a question, merely using @Lufthansa061’s beautiful artwork as an example.

Here is the video of the flight (Miami is visible at the end of the video)

The technical question for me is, if it is possible to get these effects just using the program that comes with the ipad, without adding any buildings, would that not be possible for the simulator? Changing the parameters of the landscape we see during the flight ?

Listen, it was a mistake. I am sorry, let’s continue on.

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Wow that’s so cool. A new perspective I’ve never seen!

All, i think Alex was right in saying the title was misleading and might let people ask the question why they cant see the lights. I am totally with you @Alex_L and therefore changed the title of the topic and also added some more information at the beginning of the post.

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Amazing shots man! Really stunning!

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These are amazing!! Nice shots, even without the editing…

Those are awesome and how do you even get up that high?