How NY, Miami and Seattle could look like at night

Wait… Wow no way! 👌Mind blown. How did you make to look like there lights in the cities when it dark. Great Edits 🤩


You can tell that’s Infinite Flight because of the sencery around it.


These are realllly cool and I want to see more

Just wondering, what did you use to get the effect of lights?

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I don’t know if this allowed in screenshots category, as this is not part of Infinite Flight.

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These screenshots are indeed from Infinite Flight, they are just edited to look similar to that of what real world pilots would see when flying over these cities at night.

Great edits/pictures, hopefully someday that view will become a reality in IF!


I hate to be that guy but,

With the new rule that you cannot edit photos to add features not already in IF, wouldn’t this be against the rules? This is talking about a feature correct?


No because there no feature that isn’t in Infinite Flight. @Captain_Merka

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City lights arent a thing in IF.

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What are you talking about? That is just and only Infinite Flight! There has been nothing added or removed. Wanna see the replay?

It isn’t lights it just an edit that makes it look like there lights!


What does this mean?
@Lufthansa061 hasn’t broken any.

  • No additional features can be introduced into a shot. This includes, but is not limited to, rain, snow, non-IF aircraft, or liveries
  • You are permitted to change aspects of a shot such as saturation, hue and brightness, as examples
  • You can photoshop things that are already in the simulator, such as adding aircraft to the background of an image

Before you talk about things you just assume how about to ask the one that made the pictures? But I will show you how this is 100 percent IF only. Just a second!

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What you just told me makes no sense. Since it’s looks like this, doesn’t mean people will believe it’s not part of IF.

I will ask you to stop getting angered over this. There clearly something that is off and should have no hard feelings.

Rather than taking the time to try and pick out every single possible thing that could be seen as a rule violation, why don’t you appreciate the pictures for what they are? If it is against the rules, the mods will handle it as they know what stays and what goes. We don’t need a bunch of mini mods…


I was concerned, this wasn’t supposed to get out hand.

Mods don’t really have the time to look at every single thing btw.

It’s not a photoshop in the sense of modifying the actual image, it’s just an extreme edit to darken the darks and brighten the lighter colors.
The rule prohibits photoshopping things like liveries, but not editing them

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Do you know how long it would take to be an lights around the pictures ages
If you look at the coast line you can see they are Infinite Flight beaches because of the little smush kinda texture.

It still causes confusion, since adding light or not. It may spark confusion.

What software did you use to edit these? They’re insanely cool