How Not To Super Hornet

Hello there!

Today I will show you the 100% legit, totally proper and completely correct way to fly the F/A-18 Super Hornet!
With the arrival of the F/A-18 to us average users, I have decided to take it out for a spin, to the newly added 3D airport Redmond (KRDM). It’d be a quick flight with the supersonic speeds of the hornet.

Mini-Mod Repellent

Server: Solo
Cruising Alt.: None, hit upwards of 50,000 feet at my apogee though
Aircraft: F/A-18 Super Hornet

1| First and foremost, taxi out to the runway of your choice for takeoff

2| Lock S-Foils in attack position

3| Climb out like a rocket because it’s cool and there’s actually afterburner effects that I noticed later on

4| Fly up to whatever altitude you want to go to

5| Realize you aren’t paying for a pro subscription and your engines go out

6| Continue gliding, and have your target in sight!

7| Begin your attack landing run

8| try to fly inverted over the runway you want to land on

9| Thoroughly test the suspension on the F/A-18, because you forgot to drop the flaps until you were moments away from impact

10| Survive impact and taxi to the gate to disembark


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Thanks for dropping by!


What you are a crazy pilot bro 😎

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You forgot to open the canopy! Such a noob…🤦‍♂️


no option for all of them being your favorite photo? smh.


Im pretty sure all of us have or will do this…


Thank you sensei for your teachings.


I didn’t need any fresh air, because it would’ve cooled my lunch down to much

Can’t agree. I would start takeoff roll right at my stand for an expeditious operation

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Bro the wing💀

Don’t people say winglets make the plane more efficient? 😂

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that’s funny

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I am sure Maverick would choose you as his wingman


Forgot to drop the hook in the runway… rookie mistake

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Correct, although many of them look cool anyway


Don’t see anything wrong sir….

Great shots of a perfectly normal flight

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Great shots! The topic was very educational, I hope to apply this newfound knowledge to ES flying! /s

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Not sure what you’re on, but I want a spoon full of it right this instant, and more posts just like this. It was the perfect balance of sarcastic professionalism! Give us more!


It’s cactus juice

it’s the quenchiest


I would have bet it was a snort of the tarmac cocktail. I’ll take a double shot of your cactus juice then I guess !

I mean, we need our AC somehow