How not to crash the A330

So this happened:

I accidentally forgot to set my speed at 320kt and set it at 345kt on TS, on the A330. Was about to get an over speed warning after I left the device for a little bit and I wasn’t sure how long the speed warning was on for, but I pulled back on the yoke as quickly as possible and somehow I went into a flat spin and crashed. Literally, went into a flat spin and crashed, falling from 29,000ft.

Obviously what I learnt from this is set my speed at 320kt so then it becomes M.86 instead of >M.87 which is over the limit, but does anybody know a better idea to not going into a flat spin to avoid a violation?

Speed management 🤷‍♀️

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Improve your memory and remember to set your speed.

Well first of all you shouldn’t have cruised that close to aircraft over speed. I think the main reason why you went into an uncontrollable spin is just because you pulled back too hard so in the future use smoother and less aggressive control movements

Maybe not pull back on the yoke so hard?

I think that if this ever happens again, it would help if you don’t pull back so hard. Use flaps and spoilers if needed to reduce speed, but don’t make the yoke do all the work.


Oh and also, you should be constantly monitoring AP and your aircraft throughout the flight. That’s recommended

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Well during a long haul after I reach cruise altitude I normally plug in my iPad and just let it go until 30 min before ETA.

It’s good to check on your flight from time to time, instead of just leave it their for 10 hours straight. Just use smoother control inputs and don’t cruise too close too overspeed

To be fair, some of us sometimes forget how we calibrated the device, so I guess that comes into play once you’ve moved.

Edit: I also normally increase the altitude a bit if I can, just like a normal airliner while getting closer to the destination, but not during sleep!

Everything seems to be done, @TaipeiGuru and a few others have helped me. Flagging for closure.