How not to be scared of riding in an airplane

I love airplane but somehow I always get scared when I ride in it.
( it’s a bit of the fear of crashing or flying through turbulence. )

How can I enjoy more in cabin?


According to google, The chances of being in a plane crash are around 1 in 5.4 million, which is so slim that it’s nearly pointless to quantify, so you won’t be finding yourself in a plane crash any time soon. As for the turbulence, planes are designed to handle it, so you don’t need to be concerned.

I’d bring things that will distract you from the turbulence if it occurs. Maybe a book, your favourite movie, music or anything else that will distract you. Another helpful tip is to bring a pen and paper, and when the turbulence occurs, write your name over and over again with your non dominant hand. You’ll be so focused on the writing that you’ll forget that the turbulence even exists 😀✈️


Do you enjoy rollercoasters?

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Thanks for your great advice!
Every time I knew the fact of them, I just realized I was overthinking 😂


I definitely don’t… but I could enjoy at the big thunder mountain railroad 🏔🚂

Just go with the premium cabin option every time you fly and you’ll enjoy it. :)

That’s nice. I haven’t reserved a premium seat. I’ll use it next time!

I was afraid of flying too when I was little. But with the time I understood how airplanes work and nowadays I can explain everything that happens during the flight and I know about many kinds of emergencies and what will happen to the plane. This helped me to get rid of the fear during the flight and I can enjoy them.

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Have you tried a good glass of wine? 🍷😉

Seriously, the fear of flying is a major one and you’re so very much not the only one. The internet is loaded with tips on how to battle this.

The biggest trick to battle this, from what I read is: understanding. If you would better understand how an aircraft is built, and how much pressure and turbulence and throwing around it could handle, you would feel a lot safer knowing that the little shaking you feel is much much less severe as what the aircraft was build to handle.

And for the rest…have some more 🍷


Thanks for sharing your nice advice. I know a lot about things that happens during the flight but I don’t know any knowledge of how they deal with an emergency.

You made me learn aviation more! 😄


I am going to learn about aerodynamics and structure of the airplane!
That’ll be more understandable when I’m onboard.

Thanks for nice advices and I will try a good glass of wine 🍷 or lovely juice!


You’re more likely to die falling out of your bed or falling down some stairs than die in a plane crash, if you’re so scared of flying you might want to buy a ramp and start sleeping on the floor, you have a one in five thousand chance of dying in a car crash. And then for flying its a one in 11million. Pilots are trained to deal with a lot of emergencies, cracked windshields, engine failure, even dual engine failure. And you also have to remember that it’s the wings that keep the plane flying, not the engines. Many people think that if the engines fail the plane will fall like a rock, which is not true at all. Engines are just part of the equation, thrust. Planes are effectively just huge gliders, for every one mile they’re high up they glide for ten miles. Gliders have no engine and do you see them falling out of the sky? No you don’t. In 2017, it was the safest year of aviation in history, no plane crashes, every single aircraft that took off landed again, and think of those hundreds of thousands of flights that take off a day. Also, many people think that if the oxygen masks fall down the plane is about to crash, no it’s not, it’s just a cabin de pressurization failure and it’s providing backup oxygen while the pilots descend to a safe altitude again. Frankly I’m way more scared of driving than going on planes, think about it, all you have to do is just turn the wheel to right/left on a road to end up in a head on collision.

From what I’ve read its 11 million


Thanks for your amazing message! I understood how safe it is just throughout this post.
Actually I don’t want to drive a car and the reason is the same as you wrote.

Flying might be safer than driving. It needs more knowledge though.

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When I was younger I had a fear of flying, however I knew it was irrational and I knew statistics as well as how aircraft work and are designed, but I’d still have a fear. Over the years it’s just gone away, (it might be because I took up flight training). I’ve learned to enjoy the experience of flying, for example the service and how amazing it is to be 30000ft up in the air. Sort of putting your mind off it. I just appreciate things like wingflex and the engine sounds etc. [a good one was just before departure take a screenshot of how many planes are flying in FR24 and whenever you think that you might crash just look at how many planes there are]

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Roughly same chance of winning the lottery and you’ll be amazed how many people play… 😉


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