How My 2019 Went


(Yes, I realize it’s already January 2, but I forgot to post it)😅
Last year, in 2019, I flew many times to various destinations around the globe, all for leisure! The year was amazing for me both in terms of aviation and personal life, and I hope 2020 is better!

With over 35 flights taken onboard 15 different airlines, it was one of my best years in terms of travel! I traveled on 19 different aircraft, ranging from the small CRJ-900 to a much larger A330neo, and even an A380! The airline I flew onboard the most this year was Lufthansa, with 9 flights, although United was pretty close with 8 flights taken. I flew the most in November with 12 flights, and most of my flights were on Sunday. The aircraft I flew the most was the Airbus A320 family, and I flew from San Francisco the most. I flew in Economy 24 times, Economy Plus/Premium Economy 7 times, and in Business Class 5 times.


Airport Code Cities Airline Aircraft Registration
SFO-CPH San Francisco to Copenhagen Scandinavian Airlines A340-313 OY-KBM
CPH-AMS Copenhagen to Amsterdam Scandinavian Airlines CRJ-900LR EI-FPG
AMS-KEF Amsterdam to Reykjavík Icelandair 767-319(ER) TF-ISN
KEF-CPH Reykjavík to Copenhagen EuroAtlantic Airways 767-36N(ER) CS-TKR
CPH-FRA Copenhagen to Frankfurt Lufthansa A320-214 D-AIUN
FRA-SFO Frankfurt to San Francisco United 777-222(ER N782UA
SFO-ORD San Francisco to Chicago United 777-222 N778UA
ORD-SFO Chicago to San Francicso United 777-222 N210UA
SFO-SEA San Francisco to Seattle Alaska 737-990 N320AS
SEA-SJC Seattle to San Jose Alaska 737-990(ER) N285AK
SFO-LIS San Francisco to Lisbon TAP Air Portugal A330-941 CS-TUB
LIS-BRU Lisbon to Brussels TAP Air Portugal A321-251N CS-TJJ
BRU-LIS Brussels to Lisbon TAP Air Portugal A320-214 CS-TNP
LIS-SFO Lisbon to San Francisco TAP Air Portugal A330-941 CS-TUC
SFO-LAS San Francisco to Las Vegas Alaska A320-214 N621VA
LAS-SJC Las Vegas to San Jose Delta Connection E175LR N256SY
SFO-MUC San Francisco to Munich Lufthansa A380-841 D-AIMB
MUC-FCO Munich to Rome Lufthansa A321-231 D-AIDF
FCO-LIN Rome to Milan Alitalia E175STD EI-RDA
MXP-FCO Milan to Rome Air Italy E190STD LZ-PLO
FCO-FRA Rome to Frankfurt Lufthansa A321-231 D-AISU
FRA-MUC Frankfurt to Munich Lufthansa A321-231 D-AIST
MUC-SFO Munich to San Francisco Lufthansa A380-841 D-AIMG
SFO-YVR San Francisco to Vancouver United A320-214 N1902U
YVR-FRA Vancouver to Frankfurt Lufthansa 747-430 D-ABVU
FRA-BCN Frankfurt to Barcelona Lufthansa A320-271N D-AINQ
BCN-MAD Barcelona to Madrid Iberia A320-214 EC-LXQ
MAD-BCN Madrid to Barcelona Air Europa A330-243 EC-LQP
BCN-FRA Barcelona to Frankfurt Lufthansa A320-271N D-AINA
FRA-SFO Frankfurt to San Francisco United 777-222(ER) N779UA
SFO-SYD San Francisco to Sydney United 777-322(ER) N2747UA
SYD-MEL Sydney to Melbourne Virgin Australia 737-8FE VH-VUI
MEL-AKL Melbourne to Auckland Air New Zealand 777-319(ER) ZK-OKR
AKL-SYD Auckland to Sydney Qantas A330-203 VH-EBG
SYD-LAX Sydney to Los Angeles United 787-9 N9971
LAX-SFO Los Angeles to San Francisco United 737-824 N12238

My FlightRadar24 statistics, and a map of the routes I have flown


Approaching San Francisco after a long flight from Frankfurt!

Onboard TAP Air Portugal’s A330neo in Business Class!

Departing Rome on Alitalia’s E175 for short, 50-minute hop up to Milan!

Cruising at 32,000 feet, above the clouds onboard Lufthansa’s A321 from Rome to Frankfurt!

Approaching Frankfurt while the sun rises after a long haul from Vancouver!

Departing Barcelona on the first A320neo Lufthansa ever had!

An amazing, Los Angeles sunrise after a 13-hour flight from Sydney in Business Class!

Cruising at 36,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean while the sun rises on board a 15-hour flight to Sydney, with United’s 777!

Last year was amazing, and I hope this year will be better!

If you’d like, you can read some of my trip reports, which will be listed below!

Icelandair 767s to Reykjavík

Scandinavian Airlines’ A340 to Copenhagen

TAP Air Portugal A330neo in Business Class

Lufthansa’s A380 to Munich in Premium Economy

United’s 777-300ER in Economy Plus on a Long Haul

Credits to BravoCharlie for the table!


I see you got inspiration from me ;) Thanks for crediting me at the bottom! Nice topic, and wow thats a lot of routes you’ve flown! 😱

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That a lot of flights, wow! Here’s to 2020, hope your flights this year are just as good as last year.

And that first photo, it deserves to be on one of those HD wallpaper sites. It’s awesome!

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Thank you!

I hope it’s amazing for you too!

I only flew Ryanair and Aer Lingus this year but you? I kinda feel jealous. What a fantastic journey! 🧳

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It really was! I hope you get the chance to fly more airlines this year ;)

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19 different aircraft in 1 year? Wow…

In all my time of flying, and I fly maybe 10-15 times a year not much compared to you and I have only ever flown 2 airlines and 2 different aircraft.

Never been on a widebody. Looks like you had fun!

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Because of United’s hub at San Francisco, even flying short haul routes means you can fly wide-bodies!

I didn’t actually realize how many different aircraft I flew until I put them all in FR24, so I suggest doing that!

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Wow…, that are a lot of routes.
The only routes I’ve done with a plane this year was AMS-BCN and BCN-AMS.
Hope you had fun in 2019, lets hope 2020 has some good things for everyone too

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Yup! I hope you get to fly a lot this year!

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I love this picture! I’ve flown in and out of Barcelona almost a dozen times and the departure (and approach too) is always spectacular!

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It’s one of my favorite pictures!

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