How much XP?

Just to make sure I’m doing things right, how much XP do you earn per a 80nm flight?

Depends if it’s a crosswind landing, violations or not… etc. How are you working it out?


It depends on many things. For instance:

  • Flight Time
  • Flight Distance
  • Wind
  • Visibility
  • Landing Performance
  • Number of Landings
  • Violations

I get about 239 XP per 80nm flight. Is that bad?

No, that’s pretty normal.

OK. Thats good

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as said above its all to do with conditions and pilot skill. The best way to earn xp is going to a non busy airport with bad whether conditions and do some touch and goes. i got 500xp from 6 t&gs


OK. I’ll try that.

No one can tell you the exact grading scale as FDS hasn’t released any guidance on that.

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