How much xp will i get

Hey im currently doing a flight. The route is PANC-NZAA the long way. I have been flying for 24 hours and 55 minutes and i have landed two times for refueling. Its 6:16 hours remaining and im just wondering how much xp i will get? Do anyone know how much xp i may get? here is a liveflight link to my flight. Note that the liveflight have glitched so it displays my flightplan incorrectly. Thanks!

You should get upwards of 7000 I would think.

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Move this from atc to live please, or support.

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Hmm i normally get 6k xp on 8-10 h longhauls

Yes, but you have stopped for refuelling. Landings gain you XP, and that’s why XP farmers do touch and goes.

Edit: lol my iPad changed XP to X-PLANE

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Um this is on live. I cant do anything about that this is on atc too

What are you saying? Just move the topic over to the live channel, the plain purple one.

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Oh sorry my fault. Thanks :)

It’s fine im always happy to help. I suppose a mod can close this topic now :)

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Yes. Or i can delete this. Or i think its better that a mod can close this so people can learn about this.

You can only edit, not delete.

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Ok. Im new to this xD. I have only been on the forum for a couple of months.

It’s fine. I have invited you over to my group PM so we can have casual chat over there.