How much XP do you have?

You reminded me sleep joke. Q: What do you call a sleeping bull?
A: A bulldozer!

go take a lot at “kuwait” 1.8 million or “Maurice Wink” 1.2 million other people with 600K and 700K,800K…hat about those peeps Mr.Thomas…

how come @GatwickGuy got so much? Just by flying? WOW!!! He’s one hell of a pilot. BULLDOZER


Not all on bold please :)

Regional variations ;)


What I think would be more interesting is the average amount of XP you’ve earned per hour of flight time. Take your total XP divided by flight hours:

63,532 XP / 51.82 hrs = 1226.01 XP/hr

Mine would be soo high

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Ohhh, so sad to hear this :/

@dush19 when i need to make myself clear…YES I WILL

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1326.04/hr. So you average about 100 XP/hr more than me. You said you fly night a lot? That’s probably why. I’ll need to do that more :)

Edit… Err… I read wrong. What are your flying habits?


I have never done any inter-region flights too :)

Holy cow man that is a ton of XP

I think I got 130K XP and 110hrs flight time

Thanks! :)

It’s just a lot of flight time and probably touch n goes. If you calculate his average XP/hr it is just a bit above average probably.

@matt, would be cool if you could pull the stats! Distribution of total XP and XP/hr would be interesting.

Don’t tag the devs unnecessarily :)

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You can do this by yourself using a calculator

I mean for all users…

why not…if there is reference to be made,then why not…but point taken if unnecessarily