How much XP do you earn per trip?

I was just wondering, how much do you earn per flight, this can also show normally how long your flight is, which I’m also interested in. [poll public=false]

  • 100-200
  • 200-300
  • 300 <

Usually my flights are rather long, so I get quite a lot of XP.

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Which route How long can they be ? Can you fly form one region to another ?

Add options for 400 and 500. Anyone flying a 30 min flight (which is flying in between most major airports in the regions) will get above 300XP.


My xp to flight time ratio is about 1,000 xp per hour. I normally fly 30 min flights.

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@KeDoG3 Sorry can’t, it says after first 5 mins I’ll have to contact a moderator.

30min flights for me work out to be around 500-600XP
Where as patterns in a DHC8 can mean 2000XP for half the time.

It depends on certain factors.

Usually I fly for about 30-40 minutes and get about 400-600XP.

If you fly from WMKK to WSSS you should get at least 1000 xp and at this stage you cannot fly from one region to another but since global is coming you can

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6 touch and goes with tight patterns will give you about 500-600 xp in about 20 or 30 minutes.

1,000XP is a lot, usually for that route I get about 500.

Oh, I think around 0
I don’t have Live:-)

It’s actually up to the pilots, the longer they fly the more they get. Most flights between major airports last around 30 minutes(KLAX - KSAN) they could always do return flights if they want 😄😄

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Time matters, but as you can see…1.3k xp in just 18 minutes


I’ve seen 6K+ XP on a long flight with 20-30+ touch and goes. I am in the middle of a 2000NM trip with no touch and goes in Chicago (TS2) so I’ll report back. I have about 539NM to go

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I’ve done that before, you just have to do some tight touch and goes and you’ll get a ton of XP.

Most I’ve gotten is 6000XP on a 9 hour flight. Only got half way through before LiveConnect crashed and flight went out of bounds. Was able to end flight before the aircraft crashed.

Maybe use the greater symbol > instead of the less than symbol < :)

What routes was that?

1,200-1,500 in 10-12 minutes.

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