How much XP can you score per minute?

true but I think it’s just one of those things you do on casual server.

I just wanna make grade 3, only reason I want xp. After that I don’t care about it.

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I think most of us here know XP no longer has any value.

To the contrary…check out the top of the leaderboard…l would say that proves in its own way it has plenty of value…

i meant this topic as a little fun contest and was was hoping this would not end-up in a discussion about the value and use of XP…

What’s pattern work?!



Thanks. :)

Thanks :) I will give a go on live soon

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The highest score (wih screenshot evidence) to beat is 127.69 by @techno.02life


I honestly find my score a bit scary

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Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to get more XP if you do proper pattern work, flying good standard circuits with correct pattern altitude and turns? I find it a bit disturbing that “bad airmanship” (ultra tight patterns with no safety margin) is encouraged with high XP…

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totally agree.

This is why this isn’t a very serious topic :-)

FAST XP METHOD EXPOSED!😂👌🏼 The answer is to just do loads of touch and goes! I’ve got 120,000 XP

Found the time to do some patterns. Scored 182 XP/min.


Woah @Henrik, that’s quite the score you got there. 182 xp per minute. I thought my one hundred twenty sumfin was a crazy amount of xp per minute

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It isn’t encouraged. This was simply a challenge they isn’t supposed to be taken as seriously as you are taking it. I personally did my pattern work on casual, well because that’s what it’s for, to enjoy IF as a game rather than a sim. :)

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Increadible. What aircraft did you use, a glider? ;-)

Who would beat this score…?

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I used a spitfire. ;)


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