How much XP can you score per minute?

So here’s a crazy competition for you all…

XP roughly give us an indication for the quality of our flight. How it’s calculated only the Devs know.
This post is not about ‘how important or relevant XP’s are’ and ‘what does XP say about the skill of a pilot’ etc.

This completion is about how many XP’s you can score per minute, during a flight.
Roughly during a 1 hours flight you get about 700 - 900 XP.
If you do pattern work the XP’s go quicker, obviously.

Below is my modest effort, doing some patterns in a C208.

In my attempts I got:
1450 / 16 = 90 XP/min
573 / 8 = 72 XP/min

Have fun :-)

Note: this is more or less a re-run of a post in October 2015, except now let’s see if we can make this a competition.


Nice idea! I think mine was just below 1,500 when I had live. :)

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Great idea! But unless I am mistaken I believe this belongs in the #live section

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I moved it ;)

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Thanks you!! Can someone change the title aswell sorry it’s my OCD

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I have reached
122.4 XP/min
119.2 XP/min


How can you do that?

Xtreme tight patterns in the Cirrus SR22.
And with no wind.


Fair enough might have to try that.


You will get more XP if you have strong winds.


I know.
I wanted to say that there were no wind when I flew these patterns.
Sorry for this misunderstanding.

I think I got like 2,300xp in 18-20 mins.
That makes it 121,1 XP/min.
KORD with a Spitfire during 15 knot winds.
Just land at he runway closest to you.

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Clearly my XP/min score can be improved :-)

What do you propose for a title?

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Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots :-)

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It was many instead of much lol

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When you fly new planes, it also is a great experience.

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pictures or it didn’t happen! I agreelol I’m boarding an SR22 and seeing what I can do.

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Sorry, I don’t have any. :( But believe it or not that actually happened.

My next attempt, this time in a Cirrus with 7 kts wind: 860 / 7 = 123 XP/min

@EK777 your turn :-)

243,1XP a minute. (Tight patterns at EHAM)

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