How much wind is a strong crosswind?

Quick question : how much wind is a strong landing crosswind? 30-50 knots? Whats the strongest recorded?

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Ive experienced 115-150 kts at higher elevations. Now depending on where the wind is blowing, It can get pretty hectic.


Usually around 20 knots and above with winds blowing to the side of your aircraft is considered a crosswind.


I would say at cruise 120+ is strong. When you’re landing anything above 30 I consider “strong”, especially in like a smaller plane like a 738 or A320.

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Good question, Sometimes 26 knots could felt very strong to shake the aircraft with 737 or A320 size, but on the other time hasn’t been done any impact.

Sorry: crosswind on landing

I’ve done 25 in RL and up to 40 in IF

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as a PPL holder do you have Xwind restrictions on your licence,or is upto the PIC to make the descion at the time?

I know that in airlines they often have restrictions depending on your ‘ticket’, seat your sitting in,airport etc. We have things a lot easier in the world of IF!

I am guess when it’s hard to control the aircraft ??

Wind is totally up to you as PIC if you told a PPL or anything above that. If it’s a commercial airplane it will have set limits as well but the company has set limits on what they want there pilots to fly


Also I made add that all airplanes have airframe limitations too them. Meaning the amount of X-wind and other things they can handle

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thanks,yes that is very important info,not exceeding the design limitations of the airframe. I guess this is part of your decsion making process about if you have to divert if your planned landing airfield has Xwinds that are too high for either your airframe or (importantly) your personal limits as a pilot? When I say personl limits as a pilot,I understand that asa a PPL there are not set limits, however more of what you are experinced with, happy to fly with on that airframe?

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Absolutely, I think for my airplane it’s 17 but it won’t really hurt the airframe of you do 20-25. It all comes down to PIC limitations and skill

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MaxSez: Finaly we got to the meat,in the last few comments, Just the facts not guesses and opinion. The potato responses by the ill informed have turned to peanuts. “How much Wind is a Crosswind” is an oxymoron! The real question is “What is my aircrafts “Wind/Cross Wind” Component as listed in its “Airworthy Certificate” or as found on the Web or POH. Before you lite the fire, study your aircrafts characteristics, Fly a Sortie in the envelope prescribed, I don’t care how strong or in what directiion the winds blowing. Boy’s and Girls Pls study, engage mind not mouth before you jot here. G’day


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