How much time till TL2?

I’m not rushing the process or anything but what is the average time one takes to go from TL1 to TL2. I present this doubt as there is something I want to post in RWA in summer (you know what it is if you’ve seen my previous posts). I’m worried that I may not be able to do.


Keep liking and commenting in a way that contributes to the forum, and you’ll be there in no time! Good things come to those who are patient.


You should read this:

There are not any specific requirements for becoming TL2 that are available to us.

So, as you keep being active by liking, posting, and reading, you will get there in no time! 👍

(Don’t be worried you will be fine (; )



Well let’s hope this happens soon! I have tons of features and RWA posts that I would love to share. Let’s just hope that they are contributing posts.

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Keep it up. Please search before posting though, especially on features.