how much time per day do you play infinite flight

  • <1 hour
  • 2+ hours
  • 3+ hours
  • 5+ hours
  • 10 hours

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Sorry I really don’t have time to vote, I gotta fly in IF… 😉


I play the game for 2 hour’s per day

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If you count the time while I’m napping,then maybe about up to 10 hours a day.

Depends on the flight I’m doing.

Ooh, depends…my phone is pretty much constantly playing IF so I’m gonna say…

23 hours
59 minutes
59 seconds
999 milliseconds
999 nanoseconds



my ipad… If I am not doing homework on my ipad I am doing a flight

few days a week.

For me it usually depends on the day since my schedule is different. But it’s probably 2+ hours. On weekends though, it is way more than 2+ hrs.


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