How much storage IF will take when Global is released?

I have been thinking of the release of global lately and have this in my mind. “How much storage Infinite Flight will have when Global is out and will it be too much?” When you have all the terrain and weather to the whole world, that is a lot of data. X Plane 11 takes up 998 GB of storage on your computer! So would IF with Global be the same amount of xplane 11? The highest amount of storage for a apple mobile device is only 250 GB. How will this work with Global? Tell me your thoughts

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I’m worried that they will host it off a server, meaning you’ll have to subscribe to it and have Internet. I’m hoping I’ll be able to play it offline, and that it will be a onetime purchase.

That being said, a few other mobile flight sims manage to have global on them, without taking up much space.


Obviously not the same amount as X Plane… 😂, it is able to run on Laura’s tablet right…


But Laura’s tablet might have tons of storage

The Devs use PCs


It’s not going to use up a terabyte of space lol


I don’t care if global take up my whole iPad… Id be happy to fly global on solo!


No one knows.

Except the devs!

Mabe you will be avle to download and delete parts of the world.

Judging by the teaser quality I think the more detailed terrain will likely be streamed.


How can you think that a game ocuppies 998GB?

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This is something that concerns me too…but I’ll just be patient.

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Try to download XPlane 11 on your PC and see the download storage

You don’t get XP then…

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I think he doesn’t have live.

Who knows if it won’t

Well I’m out then don’t know an iPad that holds 1tb lol

As said before, no game takes up 1tb.

Obviously that’s near impossible