How much storage does Infinite Flight take?

I had this question for a while but, exactly how much storage in total does Infinite Flight use up, with ALL liveries and aircraft downloaded? The reason I’ve asked this question is because if i ever consider upgrading my device, i can use this for future reference, to pick the right device with a good amount of storage.


Well, I don’t think anyone tried to download all the liveries, but more than the liveries are the replays the reason of a large storage. In one month without deleting your replays it can weight 12 or 13GB

It depends on how much replays you have

Mine has all aircraft and almost all liveries downloaded + some replays (probably around 40-50, most of them from long haul flights) and takes 17,5 GB
Without replays it should take about 10-11 GB

As for this, if you’re getting a device only for infinite flight, I’d recommend 64GB
If you’re using it for other things then 128 or 256 would be better

I appreciate the answers guys!

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Because I’m considering of getting an Apple device, but the latest iPhones are really expensive.

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Should probably think about getting an iPad for Infinite Flight. Bigger screen and could possibly hold 2TB of data.


I think phone vs tablet is more of a form factor consideration actually. Unless you use an external controller

Yeah, I personally like phones because it is easier to hold and more comfortable, but if I would have used a controller or joystick, I would definitely use an iPad. However, if the way you hold the device doesn’t matter, a new iPad would definitely be better than an iPhone.

I don’t know exactly your device but I have about 3/4 of the liveries downloaded and 200 replays and it takes up 10.7GB, so I’m gonna to say plan on at least 10GB of space

I’ve been playing for about a year and IF takes up about 15gb for me. That is without replays

I typically can get it to around 12gb, or roughly 10% of my devices storage.

If you ever go about upgrading your device, do consider IF could take up more than 10-15gb it does already

So I’m considering on getting the iPhone 11. Will it have enough internal storage for IF and other stuff in general?

I actually just checked and Wow I’m at 17.5 GB on my phone lol
And edit:
If I delete all replays, will my app run faster?

About 175 MB for the navigation database, ~80 MB for buildings and then god knows how much gigabytes for the planes (All of them are probably at least 15 GB, can’t check right now). Then also don’t forget the scenery cache and also the replays, which could get crazily large at busy airports (I’ve seen ones as big as 400 MB). All that means… Nothing. You could still have Infinite Flight running with only a few gigabytes, the stuff you really need is only around 400MB. Yes, you’ll need to delete replays. Yes, you’ll sometimes need to reinstall the game since there’s no ability to delete the downloaded aircraft, but that would be a few minutes every couple of months. Even compared to the time you’ll be staring at the splash screens, that’s practically nothing

Also @Mathurin_Garcier, from what I understand deleting replays won’t do anything to speed the game up, but it will make the replay page load faster since it takes time to decrypt and parse the files


I think a lot of the space is actually the scenery cache?

Scenery cache is quite limited. 200MB or something. Aircraft + liveries are the biggest chunks usually.


my tablet is 16GB

I’m at just shy of 35 gb, with replays dating back to when the feature first came out

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My IF storage is currently at 9.8 GB

i have 102gb. I need to clear out my replays