How much space will it need to record Infinite Flight video?

Hi guys, I creating this topic if anyone know how much space i will need to record a full flight in IF. how much will it need for each hour in FULL HD so i can post on Youtube if anyone could tell me thanks!

I think it only requires a matter of megabytes. It depends on how many aircraft you encounter and how long you’re recording (assuming you’re talking about the replay system).

If i do a flight in solo about 2 hours and record in a replay system what do you think much it need?

I’d wager less than 50 MB.

wow that much less than i thought great to know thanks a lot!

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To make sure, you mean Infinite Flight’s replay system, correct?

Yes and i wanna record sreecn video on my ipad how much that will need too?

If your using your devices built in recording system, it will probably be a lot more than the 50MB I mentioned earlier. You can check out this thread on apple’s forum:

It’s a relatively old post, but it’ll give you a general idea of what kind of storage you’ll need.

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that’s help thanks so much!

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I record 14 hour flights for Timelapses and it takes around 10gig for me or 12 I think

oh Jesus that’s the same amount of space IF takes for me

wow! i have 36 gb left on my ipad

I recently just did a time lapse myself. The flight replay was about 3 hours long. It took up about 7 GB I believe Although, once I edited it down to 10 minutes it was only 1.56 Gb.

Shameless plug to my time lapse:

great to know

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