How much space does the MD/DC occupy ?

Since the MD/DC update was released, I tried downloading one plane of the series (in particular DC-10) but it ends up filling my phone memory, even though I have a 16 Gb Sd card and at least 1gb free space in my hard drive.Every other plane was easily downloaded. So, how “heavy” are those planes ?

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It’s around 3gb for the app and a few aircraft including the DC10 and MD11. I’m not familiar with the normal app size as it may have been changed quite a bit after Global was released.

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For me, with all aircraft downloaded, averages around 4.5gb.

But for a true stat we need the developers

I asked because it fully downloads the planes, and then, during the installment I get the message "Your Phone’s Space is Running Out
Some functions may not be working"
When this pops up, the WiFi is automatically turned off, so then the download stops and I need to delete all third party apps (except of Phone and Google apps) so the plane can be downloaded properly

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That’s what I get.

Try deleting unneeded videos or photos. Videos normally will hold up more space.

If you fly on your phone, and want to go extreme with the solution, get an iPad! Lots of storage, along with the ability to use your phone while flying!

^the IPad thing is a joke. unless you actually wanna do that

T seems your phone didn’t use adaptive storage, where phone storage can overflow onto a
Sd cards. Then you can try moving IF to SD card.

Most new android phones support it, but it’s best to check with your manufacturer

Haha no. It’s more like 4.59 GB. it’s hard living with an 16 GB device…

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I am referring to the app and a few aircraft as a reference to how much space the new aircraft take up. If anyone knows what the size of the app is then you could compare. I know it’s around 5GB. That’s like half your storage as you only really get like 11GB on the 16GB variants as there are preinstalled things. That used to be me a few months back now I don’t have to worry, hang in there 😂.

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Waiting for the new IPad line up. Edge to edge screen hopefully ;)

I erased Chrome’s data (around 1gb) and it let me download MD-11 and MD-11F, so I guess its 500 Mb per plane (of MD/DC series)

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