How much reverse thrust do planes usually use in real life?

How much reverse thrust do planes usually use in real life while on their landing roll? I ask this because I want to make my flights more realistic.

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I think I remember @Heavydriver answering that one. Rough estimate for me is maybe 80% N1? But it could vary by plane.


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Isnt 80 kind of fast i usually use them until 45 knots


I imagine they just use however much is required!

It’s usually used as “insurance” if the meteorological conditions hamler the effectiveness of the brakes! Or by pilots to get the easiest taxi route off the runway to their gate😂😂

What @Rotate and @Swang007 said sounds right!

Good one @DIsraelFDS :)

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Went spotting today and there was this private pilot that used the thrust reversers to the bitter end. He used them right until the aircraft was going pretty slow (A bit above taxiing speed). That said, he may have been aiming to take the nearest exit from the runway because it is a long taxi to the disembarkment point.


The normal procedures are to use reverse thrust until about 60kts, depending on where you are on the runway. :)

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yea Sean i think you’re correct…i stop reverse thrust at about 80kts or so and only use 80%…

Sorry I’ve been busy,

N1 us usually max 80% N1 for reverse… With that amount of power and braking there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able stop expeditiously.

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I think that nowdays, planes don’t really use reverse because automatic breaking and manual breaking is enough to stop the plane. Maybe Just Idle reverse.

Some airports prefer that planes don’t use reverse because it makes lot of noise. I remember on my last long haul flight, I was landing around 6AM at CDG. The pilot did use reverse only for a very short time (Idle Reverse).


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I’ve been on about 10-12 planes since May and I’m pretty sure I remember all of them using A LOT of reverse thrust


Hmm…depends of runway length - LDA.

I have had the chance to do a landing in the cockpit (I won’t tell the airline Name), the pilot just used REV IDLE.

These guys are right, I usually use about 80% n1. On a heavy a380 I use idle reverese and brakes.

@Swang007 Most planes I go on use a lot too…

But @AF330 is right. Airliners are only certified to operate at airports where they can come to a safe amd complete stop without the use of reverse thrusters!

Cheers guys!

What is idle reverse?

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80-90% usually.

When I fly on a real 737, the auto brakes immediately engage on touchdown for a very fast deceleration. The reverse thrusters activate 4 to 6 seconds after the brakes, but it does not feel like it is slowing the plane any faster.
Would this be an example of idle reverse?, because it feels like the plane could easily stop without the reverse thrusters.

Last month I was sitting next to a 737 pilot and he told me auto brakes are used for every landing. Ever since, I have been using the auto brakes for landing and manual braking for taxing.

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