How much N1 should I be using

So i’ve had about 2 attempts at take off @ 94% load in a b789. I use 95% N1 and barely lift nose up, then fall back down to a stall. How can I take off properly? i rotate around 158 kts

What is your flaps and trim settings, and what flight are you doing?

I recommend taking a look at this topic for any of your flap setting, N1, or trim :)

flaps 15, trim +20%
i tried flaps 5, +20% and still took L

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too early, make that 180 kts

95% load is quite a lot…what is the route you are doing?

Yea, you should try lifting up the nose a little faster if your that heavy

KEWR-FACT, really long.

whoa 180 kts, u sure thats not v2?

Well, 95% load is extremely close to MTOW, so perhaps cut down on weight…

180 is an accurate V1 for that load, without a doubt.

nope, the physics in IF are not quite like in real life. The rotation speed is always quite a bit faster than it would be in real life.

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thats a FACT, but cant lol

Cut down on passengers and cargo.

the load is fine as its under the MTOW. its just the speed

I mostly fly the Airbus A320 and for the average 2 hour flight at the average airport, I use 77 percent thrust (85n1)

I’m confused as to what the A320 has to do with a heavy 787.

would it be realistic to use more than 95 N1

I wouldn’t go above 96-97.

No he was asking what N1 to use, this is what I do as I have heavily researched takeoff n1 in comparison to takeoff weight for the Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321. I only offer advice on aircraft that I am most knowledgable on.

Yeah I’d say around 97-98 should be your N1 realistic limit.

For trim, I’d do 25-30, flaps 15 is good, and rotate gently at around 175 knots, the plane will pick up speed and a soft climb of maybe 1500VS works good before the plane builds momentum, then you can climb at 2500 no problem. The 787 in IF needs quite a bit of trim.

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