How much is monthly live

How much is the monthly live subscription because the numbers dont show up and someone said there was an increase

It’s normally $6.49AUD. Convert that to whatever currency you have.

So its the same

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It’s $4.99 for Live, $49.99 for Live+ (U.S. Dollars)

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$64.99 for Live+ In AUD.

€4,99 in the Euro zone.

4.99 in pounds

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He said USD not AUD

This topic confuses me.

Funny, the Euro is devaluating more than I expected… Used to be 5.29 Euros or something like that for a month of Live.

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That would be the only reason for changes I can think of. I believe the price is set in USD and the app stores just convert currency.

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I don’t want to go off-topic or into politics here but the only reason there still is a USD is because banks manipulate the currency. If you’d like to have a political debate about currency, send a PM ;)

That’s the only reason there is still a euro as well. Not sure why this would even be debated or why this came up here.

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Yeah no kidding, that’s why we should stop here and PM if we’d like to debate further.

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A year ago the monthly subscription and the IAP aircrafts were €4,49 each.

The new itunes agreement said. In app subscription prices increase