How Much is Live+?


I purchase Live+ every year with iTunes cards, just wondering how much it costs so I know how many iTunes cards to buy.

I live in England, so the amount in pounds would be really appreciated.


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I’m pretty sure it cost me around $70 or $79 AUD, so in pounds that would be around £45 :)

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Put it this way, if you can, don’t buy through Apple. Apple is $20 Extra for me if I buy through the app. So to put that into perspective, it’s $79AUD through Apple, or $49AUD through the website.

So in theroy it should cost you £29.99 for Live+ though the website

Apple will cost you £47.50 there abouts

Agree with Lachy, purchasing it from the website is much more cheaper than purchasing it through the app.

Link to the website -

Wow, didn’t know you can get away cheaper with purchasing from the website. It does not work with my preferred payment method - Google Play though.

For me I’m from Malaysia.

Both website and through app cost me the same price, which is 49.99USD… So I buy using either way will be same.

£39.99 from the British App Store.

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That’s really interesting…,

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Lol ponds is £

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