How much internet does Infinite Flight use?

Hey y’all, I have a quick question if you don’t mind

My parents are concerned that I’m using a huge amount of internet because they check my time on IF and it says things like “6 hours”, “8 hours”, etc. (as is natural due to it being a flight simulator). Because of this misconception, they have set a time limit on my Infinite Flight where I basically can’t fly longer than a 1.5 hour flight online (or 5-6 hour flight on solo with 5x)

In order to explain to them and possibly have this time limit lengthened and/or removed, my question is: how much internet (in terms of MB, GB, etc.) does Infinite Flight take up for, say, a one hour flight in a newer aircraft with high graphics and medium aircraft count?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I wasn’t sure whether to place this in #general, #meta, or #live, so please adjust as necessary. Thanks!


There’s unfortunately no straight answer to this as it depends on quite a lot of variables.

  • Will the app need to download models & textures to display aircraft around you? It doesn’t if you already have them downloaded.

  • Have you been in the area you’re flying in recently? If so, large parts of it may already be cached and won’t require as much data.

  • If additional scenery textures needs to be downloaded, what quality are they? Larger ocean scenery generally has lower resolution and will therefore not be as heavy on the stream & your scenery cache.

These are just 3 of many, many more examples…

I’ve done some tests myself by disabling basically everything but Infinite Flight for internet access and checking what amounts of data is being transferred… the results were always inconclusive. It was never the same. One flight could average 20MB/hr. Next could be 200…


Interesting. That’s what I figured, but I asked to see if there were any definite tests that have been done.

Thanks for the response! This can now be closed, unless someone has something else that they can share 👍


Leaving it open for a while. Someone may have some good average. There’s some peeps that likes to analyze these things a lot :)

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I fly about 5-6 hours most days, on the highest settings and in many parts of the world, mostly over detailed terrain, totally on mobile data, and I use about 1Gb every 8-10 days.

Not real analysis, just ballpark figures. But its in line with what was indicated by Schyllberg, about 100-200 mb a day.

Really its nothing for many of us now. I roll over unused data from other phone accounts onto my IF phone and so it doesnt cost anything.

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That’s great to hear. Thanks for the figures! I think it’ll be helpful in explaining. I expected it really wasn’t much, especially since I don’t always/usually fly in ATC staffed places with 50 planes at one airport

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I have done the test in traffic, and without traffic.

Speaking of flying in HUB airports, and they are super full, it takes me 2MB of internet. Maximo has reached 3.5MB for me.

If you fly in an airport with little traffic, it becomes a minimum of 1MB, and it reaches a maximum of 1.5MB.

If you have more questions about this, I can explain you by private message so as not to make the subject longer! :).

Or you can also ask my boyfriend @IFFM_InFlightMexico Since he works in everything that is Internet networks and he knows more about it.


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I think the most data use is from the scenery, and its detail and whether you look at it all. I mean, say you flew from top to bottom of the South American continent, and used the normal view to look around all the time, that would use a lot more than if you went out over the ocean and went to sleep for the flight.

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