How much internet does an Aircraft/Region eat up?

A question as I’m worried our internet will get finished. I’d say 1-2 megabytes

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No clue to be honest.


A region/aircraft has no effect on your internet. I think the question you should be asking here, is how much memory storage a region/aircraft take up.


It kind of does when you download it right? For example downloading over mobile data will use some up.

Yes, that will take up some internet, but actually flying in the region, or in the aircraft does not take up any internet (unless you’re flying on Live). I think the question needs to be more specific.

I meant downloading it not flying in it. As @Aviationluver said


Why? Is this your house internet or mobile?

I think you mean you are using data , am I correct in my assumption?

Some people have data limits on their home wifi. It cuts out after that.

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I’ll give rough estimates, these are based on what I know from downloads already:

Region- lots of tiny airport files, plus terrain and basic landclass. Textures. About 10MB I’d say

Aircraft- Model and lots of textures. Depending on the aircraft, you could be looking at around 50MB.

@AsianaIFVA if 1-2MB is all you have don’t attempt either. I’m pretty sure it won’t go through in that.

I agree :P

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That’s a painful thought.

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Basically you can think of the internet as a globe. The regions take up their proportional amount. The airplanes fly above it so they don’t take any Internet. Please rest assured the internet won’t be finished.

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