How much internet data would infinite flight global use everyday?

I know global just got released yesterday. So i can’t expect a good answer.
I want to subscribe for a month, but the fact that my internet is very bad, i have no other option but to use 3g. I use infinite flight for atleast 2 hours but not more than that. The bad news is I dont have a single clue how much data it would use. Thats why if any one of you could give me even a tiny bit of some idea, it would be helpful.

I think it is less than 15mb an hour. Not sure of the exact number, but it is defenitely very low.

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Depends on the quality of the streamed scenery. Higher quality = more data. Also take in consideration all the aircraft around you. That also needs data to be displayed correctly.

Downloading Aircraft takes a lot of data, other than that the scenery is pretty lightweight. A 1GB/day is plenty for long and short flights

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