How much Internet Data does IF need?

My parents bought Reliance JioFi internet service (it is a new telecom company), and since the highest you can get is 2 GB per day, I am worried that Live will be useless. Could someone who has Live and cellular data please check how much data Live uses for 10 minutes (I said 10 minutes because if one hour requires too much data, whoever is checking Live’s data usage will yell at me. 😄)?

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It’s a really small amount. It only transfers basic positioning, user and aircraft data. You won’t reach 2GB/day even if you try your hardest.


When I was on vacation, I used a hotspot for live (and I watched data usage very carefully). I consistently had between 225 - 275 Mb/hour.


That’s quite a lot. You must have been other stuff running in the background?


It was awhile ago when I flew mostly TS1. (which has a lot more aircraft than Expert). Maybe that is why.

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Make sure to disable “download aircraft skins over data”

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For accurate measurements please disable data usage on other apps

I recently did some testing, other than aircraft/region downloads. You should be looking at really less amounts of data. (Considering you’ve downloaded all live planes) 2GB/day is loads.

I tested on Airtel 4G in Bangalore, if that’s of any concern


Thank you for the info. 😃

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In five days - 85 MB, I play 5 hours every day.

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You have far too much time on your hands.


LOL, my mum used up all the data and the speed is 100 Kbps now. Guess live is useless no matter how much data is used. Even at 1 MB/hour it will not work at full speed. 😂

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