How much IF use memory on iOS

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kinda curious how much IF ate my memory and CPU, so i did some experiment. With jailbroken iPhone 6s, i enable foregrounding for IF (basically IF won’t be put to paused even if you press home) and check how much resource that was needed. And here goes : image

Some information :

(Please for those who knows iOS memory management better, cmiiw)

Resident Memory Usage (how much IF ate memory at the moment) : 279.9 (usually it’s between 200-300)
Maximum Resident Memory (the maximum amount memory that IF could eat): ~320MB

My IF is set to all max settings possible. And after I terminate the process, my memory goes high up to 700MB free (from 12MB free (yes that’s iOS for you, and yes it’s very much normal for iOS to have free memory under 50MB))


So how much is IF using?

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The maximum memory usage is about 320, and the average of used memory about 200-280

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Looks interesting, but I don’t recommend attempting to use IF normally on a JB device as it’s notoriously unstable with JB’s.


320 what? KB,MB,GB or what?

I’m assuming MB as that’s what he’s done everything else in.

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Nobody would be able to have it if it was 320 GB ;)


Jailbreaks are really not good ideas

Not really - the newest IPad or models have 512GB 😉

What’s so wrong about it?

He was also referring to memory not storage

I’m fairly sure that if he has the technical ability to jailbreak he understands the possible implications.


It will probably go up massively when Global comes out.

I don’t think it’ll go up massively remember that sceneries will be streamed and not “loaded” ;-)


They can mess up sometimes. And sometimes IF doesn’t work well with them

Now everyone can understand why there is so much work FDS is doing to optimize Global. if about 300MB of memory is being used in RAM on the current IF imagine it on Global. 300MB for devices with 1GB ram is a lot. Even with all apps closed and clearing your RAM cache you still will be using RAM up just to maintain the basic programs of the phone. It’s why 1GB of RAM isnt that stable anymore with the current version of IF.

You also have to consider how many aircraft were in the area he was operating in. I have found that the more populated the server is the more RAM you are using, even when aircraft count is on low. Can I ask how populated the server you were on was @Fredypasaud?


It’s actually pretty stable that i could pretty confident to use it daily, i only install tweak that i need and want, and please note that this time (yaliu method) jailbreak is easily fix just by simply rebooting your phone (most cases). And I’m kinda sad many people jailbraking is bad and dangerous and everything. As long as you play it safe, and use ANYTHING LEGALLY, then you’ll be fine. Also you got a bonus to make your iPhone looks so cool. And yes i know it’s out of topic. Sorry

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The maximum memory usage is limited on 320, so for now it won’t exceeded that limit or iOS will automatically kill it. I think when the server is full, the CPU and GPU need to do more rendering, so sometimes the frame couldn’t catch up. And also I’m ran out of subscription at the time testing was taken.

512 gigs as in ROM , and only 4GB of RAM. Simply said, ROM is for the system or apps to save your data and RAM is for system or apps to “run”. You could open wikipedia for more information and differences between RAM and ROM. Have a good day.

I thinks it’s already written in my screenshot mate.

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