How much IF has changed

Hey guys. I was just reflecting on how far Infinite Flight has come in the last seven years, and decided to share it with you.

I really hope that this helps you guys to see that your money isn’t just going to waste, and that lots of effort is going into development.


You forgot to add old and new A-10 😜



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Space shuttle LOL

I have the before for the a10


Funny how the 737 wasn’t even released in 2011. 🤔


the IF has changed a lot over time, it has improved a lot in many aspects, but I will confess that I miss some things of the past, such as: the light reflexes in the runway (strobe light), the movement of the waters … …
I wish they added it in the future, but this is just a detail, the rest of the game is wonderful.

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I can see that you decided to be creative in expressing your dissatisfaction in how IF has improved however let’s be real here, the sim has massively changed and new features such as global and ATC have really propelled the sim onto a whole new level. The issue with this though is some people are now expecting the sim to have features that PC sims have but are not taking into account the device limitations as of now, what’s the point in adding features only 10% of users can actually use on their high end iPads for example, it’s just opening the gates for a riot. And to expect the price to stay the same is just unrealistic given the major improvements the global update bought, if you have looked yourself (pretty interesting to research, if you have time) then you can see there are significant costs involved with servers, satleite imagery etc so the added costs have to be covered or the company might aswell shut shop now. That’s just my view on this, interesting topic though.


The difference between now and then?

Now I’ve grown gray hairs and have developed the excessive urge to drink my problems away.


Where is the TBM930 and MD-11/DC-10 update? 🙃

About the water… Since the global update the water isn’t animated because it’s hard to know where exactly the water is I readed somewhere

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It’s a joke. He is showing that there are no changes other than removed features ie the space shuttle and an increase in price.


I guess some people can’t take jokes lmao

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I know, I was just kidding. All those changes do me nothing. IF is getting better every month! With the 737 is nothing wrong the space shuttle is just not realistic and the price is higher due to the server costs. So nothing wrong :)

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Oh yes, the Space Shuttle was unrealistic, but there’s nothing wrong with the 737:



I didn’t understand what was happening at first but then I got it…I’m dead 😂😂😂

Funny. I cant think of a single other mobile simulator…or actually any simulator that has global live servers, 24/7 expert ATC (at any given time) and a wide variety of updated and constantly worked on aircraft.

servers are expensive man, staff are expensive, overhead is enormous I can imagine.

This has never been done on a mobile simulator of any kind in the history of the world. They are the first, the last, and the coming.

My moneys on them (literally).


I paid less than an IF yearly subscription to buy XP11. I can download a near study-level aircraft for free, download much higher resolution satellite scenery with 3D buildings for free, as well as many detailed airports for free. I can then fly on an online network, with proper ATC (idk how you could possibly describe IFATC as “expert”), for free. That network also needs to pay for servers, which are “expensive man”, even though nobody pays to fly on there.

Yes I know that that’s not a mobile flight sim, but you chose to say “or actually any simulator”.


The key is the fact that it’s a mobile simulator though. It’s not a minor difference, a lot of that stuff is easily possible on a PC.


I can apply the same thing to a different mobile flight sim though. I could take X-Plane Mobile and say that there is no other flight simulator that has such detailed aircraft with working cockpits, accurate physics, and voice capabilities over multiplayer. Every flight sim is different, so it’s really a weak argument to say that one is better because none of the others provide the same features. The problem I have with Infinite Flight though is that they charge so much more than all the others, and don’t provide a product in return that reflects the price difference. They take advantage of their target market of 6-10 year olds who are brainwashed by the IFC to think Infinite Flight is the best thing since Trump became president, by charging a ridiculously high price per year, in order to fund Laura’s first class trips to and from France.