How much GB

How much GB has IF on Iphone? App Stores says 100 MB but if i started it crash after 2 seconds. I deleted the game and restarted my phone but nothing happens. :c

What phone do you have

Iphone 4s i know bad phone

What iOS version?

Ios 9.1 :(

4S is a pretty good phone, but getting on in age a little. The base app installation is typically about 75 megabytes (and clocks probably to about 1 GB or so if you have all the extra content, i.e. all airplanes and regions installed).

It’s hard to say what exactly is causing this issue, but unless your phone’s storage is completely full, you can discount that as the problem. Memory that you should be looking at is RAM, or Random Access Memory - simply put, a separate memory area that your phone uses for processing stuff. The 4S doesn’t have too much of it going around, but on really low/medium settings you should be able to at least do solo flights.

If your app still crashes, i’d recommend closing all the other background apps, possibly disabling notification banners (for things like Facebook, for example) - in short, give IF as much resources to run as you can.

Lastly, if it’s still crashing on startup, the only other thing I can think of is the iOS 9.1. There’s a user with an iPad Air and 9.1 who’s had (and to my knowledge still has) a crashing issue on 9.1. Perhaps wait until 9.2 is released; I have my phone set up with a 9.2 public beta and it’s quicker and more stable than 9.1, so they may have fixed a few bugs.

Any other information (like, steps - do you open your Infinite Flight and it crashes on startup, have you started a flight and then it freezes/crashes, etc) would be helpful in trying to solve this

Wow thank you ! And no i cant fly if i started the game i have 2 seconds blackscreen and after it closed or crash. I dont know why i have 1.5 gb free and all Apps are closed.So i must wait for 9.2

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Ah, I see. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful - I suppose yes, wait for 9.2, and hopefully someone else can offer a different solution in the meantime.

You can find out how much space all apps take up by going to the settings, General then select iCloud and storage, then manage storage.

The amount of storage will not change when apps are open or closed. That would be ram. Which you have 1GB of on the 4S.