How much Fuel?

How much extra fuel should I carry on a 77-300er from Tokyo to Los Angeles? How about other planes in general, too?

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I tend to carry 1:30 hours of extra fuel on reworked planes un reworked planes it tends to differ

1:30-3hrs of extra fuel just incase of unexpected wind that might push you back a little bit and slow you down.

When I do ultra long hauls, mostly on the A359, I use full fuel and no passengers or cargo

500 nm is equal to roughly 1 hour of flight, so if your flight is 2000nm it will be around 4 hours. Always carry extra fuel


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I love challenges i dont do extra fuel i tend to input what flight planner gives me without any extra…if i encounter fuel shortage il find the closest airport to land refuel then off again it makes it more …

HND-LAX takes roughly 9 hrs IRL so lets fill up with maybe 10:30 or 11:10 of fuel for the 777-300ER

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Sometimes when I do 2 hrs extra on long flights it shows the estimated time to destination under red, is that normal?

Yes, that’s normal. The remaining fuel time calculation is based off of the current thrust setting. As you burn fuel, you’ll get lighter, and so the engines won’t need to produce as much thrust reducing the rate of fuel burn, increasing the time you can fly for.

Best way to know is to make a proper flight plan using SimBrief. It will give you the proper fuel needed based on route, weather, traffic, cruise speed, PAX & Cargo weight, as well as other customizable parameters.

SimBrief however overestimates fuel required for most planes (A340 is one for which it underestimates fuel value).

This is because SimBrief plane profile is not specific to IF (and physics may vary for a same plane from one FlightSim to another); and because fuel burn may also vary based on the way you fly.

You may therefore want to adjust your settings accordingly if you want to make it even more realistic.

I constantly land with at least 5% fuel or 45 min flight (per regulation) and max 8%. Flight is therefore smoother and more profitable for the airline :)


Don’t you need to pay for simbrief? Idk if my parents want me to purchase it. Lol

Nope. It’s all free of charge :)

Simbrief is probably the best you can find. but if you want to keep it simple I would recommend

oh and what’s the maximum fuel percentage for landing 777-300er?

I’d assume 100% unless that makes you exceed MTOW - in which case you’ll have to set for fewer fuel, fewer PAX or fewer cargo.

On shorthaul flights I take 500-1000kg extra depending on the length of the flight. On longhauls I take at least 2000kg extra.

In addition to what infiniteflightdeck said, the fuel remaining calculation will be incorrect and show that you don’t have enough, during your initial climb. As you gain altitude and the drag decreases, your fuel burn decreases, and will eventually show that you have enough fuel.