How much fuel?

I’m doing a longhaul flight from KLAX, to KLAX. (around the world) And I want to know how much fuel I would need to accomplish that.

Edit: I know what I’m doing now, so I’ll go from LAX to EGLL. And then go up and cross Antartica, then back to LAX.

Wish me luck!


Full fuel?


Don’t think full fuel would be enough to accomplish that. You’d likely have to make at least 1 stop

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Realistically, 0kg and a lot of imagination


Unless you have a copy of Laura’s ISS…

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But it’d be too heavy. Like, what’s the optimal fuel? (im not doing a nonstop flight, im stopping at EGLL for a few minutes to fuel up).

If you are stopping at Heathrow, then you’ll only need about 10-12 hours of fuel. :)


Thank youuu <3

Realistically you will need to stop a few times for fuel! Good luck

If you’re actually going around the world and stopping in LHR the first leg will be fine 10-12 hours but the back leg going east will be more difficult. You’ll probably have to load one of the longer range aircraft all the way up.

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Like the 777LR 😜 if you know what I mean

777LR could do it in one shot if you don’t fly the full circumference lol

Yea just do a 10 mile Radius of LAX and then boom easy

Well first id recommend a fuel efficient aircraft like the 787-9 or the a350 and then use simbrief and it will tell you how much. If simbrief doesn’t work I don’t recommend using full fuel as it will make you very heavy so maybe close to full fuel and with about 20pax and 1000kg of cargo C:

Here is an idea:
First you start off with a 787, fly from KLAX to EGLL (12hrs of fuel), then EGLL to YSSY, the longest flight (full fuel) then finish off with YSSY to KLAX which is almost full fuel I think. Don’t have a lot of pax or cargo


The 787-9?

Its EGLL - YPPH. On the other side of Australia

Still not the longest flight, that goes to WSSS - KEWR.

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I mean its the longest flight out of the three that I mentioned. And EGLL-YSSY is longer than EGLL-YPPH and its doable so thats why I mentioned it instead.


It won’t make it, not even close.

I suggest you to do 2-3 stops because you will be boring to do this extremely long haul flight

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