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Hey everyone!

I’m going to do a long haul with a B737BBJ from LEIB to CYYZ and the flight time is 9:34! How much fuel should I put?


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I’d suggest utilizing a resource like or Simbrief to calculate this :)


Like should I load the fuel all the way up?

Check, it will tell you exactly how much fuel to load. No point in filling the tank if you don’t need it.

But it shows 64,831 lbs of fuel! Is that enough?

If that’s what it shows then yes, it should be enough. You can also adjust the extra fuel to 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 90 minute increments

Did you put the correct amount of passengers and cargo? If so, then yes, it will be enough, plus extra.

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But I just don’t know if it’s enough?

Yeah I did!

We just answered this twice for you :)


Ok got it! Thanks!

If your not sure if is right round your fuel up to the nearest thousand. Also avoid flying on MTOW (Maximum TKO Weight) I did it once and my plane couldn’t keep still in autopilot.

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Ok got it!

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