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So I wanted to do a 747-8 Lufthansa livery KLAX-EDDF I have my FPL I dont know how much fuel I need please help also what is the best Load I should take FUEL-PASSENGERS-CARGO

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I’d recommend using, as it’s a great resource that provides both an FPL, and fuel planning.

Regarding how much fuel you need,

According to FPL-IF, you should take around 101251 kgs

More parameters can be found below in the flight plan:

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If you’ve got a flight time from Simbrief or fpltoIF or something like that I would add an extra 50% in the 747-8 and 747-400. So on LAX-FRA which is like 11 hours I would take at least 16 and a half

Why I will add some cargo of course

Not too much cargo and of course tones of extra fuel, especially on not recently updated aircrafts.

Fuel burn to the east shouldn’t be too bad nonetheless due to the Jetstream.

Another general rule: The lower the weight the lower the fuel burn!

Just, fill up the tanks to 100%

I always do that on long hauls

@DanyyRude… MaxSez… KISS on Fuel planning use “”.
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@Maxmustang I really recommend that you check out not only does it have the fuel planner built in, but also has the full weight and balance sheets and the flight plan which has the waypoints converted into format that can be entered direct into IF. Highly recommended.

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@David_Lockwood… Thanks Dave. Linking.
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