How much fuel left do you have at arrival?

Everything is said in the title!

Personally, after landing I often have around 2,000kg remaining. And I think it’s a lot, is it?


In terms of percentage, it’s usually below 20% for me. All thanks to Simbrief


Websites like simBrief* can give you the right amount of fuel that you need for your arrival.


It depends on the aircraft… But the most fuel when i arrived was on an A380… Around 40000kg. Its because i have to divert in a city in iraq…

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It varies with aircraft and the flights I do. Usually its 5-20% for real life routes and 0-5% for Ultra Long Hauls. (Yes, 0% is possible. It’s the way the percentile is round off)


Its always gonna be different…


Usually short haul around 20-25%, and my long range flights have close to 1-2%


I usually land with my reserve and contingency fuel still on board. That is, unless I had an emergency or had to divert. So usually around 60-90min flight time remaining, at cruise. A little less on Ultra Long Hauls though.


One time I ran out about 3 miles from my destination, had to glide down, but it was fun and challenging!


With 737/a320 sized models, I aim for 10000lb.

For four engine aircraft, I aim for 40000lb.

For 757/767 sized aircraft, I aim for 25000lb.

For 777/787 sizes aircraft, I am for 30-35000lb.

Well if You fly with 747 you will have minus something or emergency fuel upon arrival :D


On a shorter flight usually about 10%. On a longer flight it’s always closer to 5%

Just enough fuel so if i were to go from KJFK/JFK - EGLL/LHR just over 30% which known in a B787-10 is more than enough

If you don’t glide on final then you’re doing it wrong

I’m joking, please don’t kill me


I tend to bring about 2 hours reserve so it’s somewhere around 25 percent usually when I land but there have been some FNFs where I had to divert most recently in Ethiopia I had to divert to Kenya because of traffic which had me at about 20 percent

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As said before, SimBrief will give you a block fuel based on weight. Given that you land on time at your planned destination, you should still have your alternate and final reserve fuel, which cold be anywhere between 5 and 35%, not including extra fuel you may have added

Real airliners are I believe required 45ish muinets extra minimum, being a sim, I sometimes go lower in IF…

It greatly depends on the wind conditions and how much fuel I add to the fuel tank’s before I fly.

No reverse thurst…

If you are flying an airliner (§121) from the United States, here is how much fuel you should have left upon a standard landing. This is based on the fuel that should be loaded, and how much of that should remain provided no abnormalities in flight:

Domestic Operations (U.S. to U.S.)
Flag (International) and Supplemental Operations

Source: Title 14, CFR

Look at §110.2 for more “operations” definitions.

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