How much fuel is needed for a flight from KSFO to EDDF?

I’m using a 747-400. I loaded about 14 hours of fuel but it seems like it isn’t enough, so now I’m going back to SFO to refuel for a bit and I’ll be back to the skies again. The question is, how many kgs of fuel?

I know it’s stupid to even go back to SFO but it’s the closest safest airport since I only just reached FL330 (My initial cruising altitude until I reach FL390) but I’m really not that trusting when it comes to my fuel that I decided to go back to give it another go.

EDIT: Not 14 hours of fuel, I meant 12 hours and 50 minutes of fuel

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its better to steep climb . Always start with a 310 and clumb gradually.

Reccomend using Infinite Flight FPL Converter, Use on all my flights and works like a charm, should have everything you need.

What speed were you at? The faster you go, the more fuel you burn.

I am now going back to SFO and I just dumped fuel so I’m going to need how many kgs of fuel do I need to have for another go, hehe.

I was at M 0.80

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thanks! i’ll give this a try

The B747 is A gas-guzzler even in IF! I would suggest you take much more than sufficient fuel for the B747!


Hmmm, I heard that the 747-400 can be not very fuel efficient or broken in IF. Next time you fly the 747-400, it would be better to pack a few hours of extra fuel and then if you need to, dump fuel before you descend.

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I have used that before it always gave me way over the amount fuel that was needed for most of the routes.

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Better safe then sorry am’i right?

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I always like to take 2 hours more than my estimated flight time.

For the 1st flight i recommend put the maximum allowable amount of fuel and at the end, calculate the remaining fuel mass

However,that would be highly unrealistic!

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I think Inifnite Flight fuel system is unrealistic, so you need to do your own experience to discover how much fuel you need to do the flight, always with extra fuel in case of the real fuel consumption is highter than the estimated.

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