How much fuel do i need?

So basicly, i suck at maths LOL so i need some help from you guys i usually like to fly from KLAX to KSFO or EGLL to EHAM as i don’t really prefer long haul. ![image|830x466](upload://iWn60mAvAlYqX9o95IOE67WMC4n.jpeg)
I fly most of the time 737s

And sometimes crj’s

use VirtulHub or

Or use it’ll also give you a real world flight path, the block fuel, the ALT decent profile and climb profile


Simbrief could be a useful tool. But if you look for quick math.

  1. Take 400knts as your average cruise speed. (Depending 9n aircrafts. For jets its 400knts. For dash-8 and other props. might be around 300knts.
  2. file ypur fpl. And get flight time out of it. ( Say your fpl is 800nm. So it would be 2 hr flight.)
  3. take 15-30min extra fuel. So in this case it would be 2.5 hr fuel.

You’ll get how many hour of fuel you have based on your aircraft fuel burn rate. In the top right corner of weight and balance.
** The flight time shown is always on lower side. So even if you just take exact 2hr fuel in the above scenario. You’ll still have enough for taxi. And hold if needed for atleast 15min.


Just saying the top right is an average fuel burn at cruise:) Not the max fuel used at full power.


Oo. Was unaware of that. Thanks for the update. :) But some time when i do quick flight i always find my fuel remaining is higher than what i took during cruise.


This is the best tool imo


Its more around 500 on average

Depends which direction you’re flying

iuld pack 7000kg for each flight witch gives you a lot of fuel

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