How much flight time do u have?

I have 61 hours of 3/11/19. How much do you guys have, once I saw this grade 5 guy with over 20,000 hours of flight time 🤨. But how much do you have?

1606 hours. I haven’t been flying with IF for a year.

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As of now I have 150 HRS

Unfortunately there is already a topic on this. We can continue the discussion there.


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I have 630 hours on live at the moment

Too much.


I also no live this game…

1760 hours and 2 minutes

And how many asleep? Just joking!!!

1200 and joined the servers in late February. I’ve had Infinite Flight for about 4-5 years roughly when it first came out.

Let’s combine and continue this with your other topic on grade. There’s no need for threads for every individual stat.